Day 2: November 2

My blog name came from a joke.

My newspaper students are such champs… they were the first of 3 groups of students to want to write an advice column, which I’ve not so secretly been hoping to put in the paper since I started advising. (Today, incidentally, we released our November issue! Check it out: To promote it, the kids decided to make some videos to show over the school announcements – in the clips, kids were asking “Joey Jaguar,” a generic androgynous persona, for help with their various problems (so he/she/shim could give satirical advice). And whenever someone gets to wear the mascot suit, hi-jinx follow. Anyway, one of their ideas was to have a kid ask Joey what to do when a teacher tries too hard to be cool and/or be friends with students. Obviously, I was to be that teacher. And in the video, I am to try to say the kids’ slang but fail epically… instead of “hashtag yolo,” some ridiculous Twitter reference coined thanks to a Canadian rapper (ha – I know) who seems to enjoy reminding us of our impending deaths, I am to say “slashtag polo” along with several other stupid things. Here are my other favorites:

  • “What’s the 311, guys?”
  • “Loyo!”
  • “Hey guys!” (said while making the asinine sideways peace sign and posing with hand on hip – when did the high school girl posing in a pic like Paris Hilton become so prevalent?)*

*Oops, I just referred to Paris Hilton. She might be irrelevant now. So I pretty much am that uncool teacher. But it’s OK. Cause I’m 31. (Yeah, it’s a theme.)

I’ve been told that I laugh so loud during 5th period (newspaper class) that you can hear me through the cinder block wall.

Today was a tiring school day but one that ended a week during which I actually at one point spontaneously thought, “I have the best job in the best school, ever.”


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