Day 4: November 4

Yesterday’s post was heavy. I’m still thinking about it. I guess that was the point.

I was flipping through some pictures today and saw some of my other favorite places…

Riviera Maya, Mexico

How about this place? In March we went to Mexico, which we’ve been doing for a few years now. The peace, anonymity, the ability to do basically nothing while people take care of us all week – it’s worth every penny. Really. You should go.


My other most best favorite special cool place is wherever the dudes are – all of them, some of them, or just one of them.

Tiny dude, Alec, just turned 1. He’s so pretty. Blonde hair, brown eyes, dimples, Chicklet teeth and a sweet shaggy mullet hairdo. Pretty from day 1, as he was a C-section baby (unlike his brother, who was cone-headed and scratched up from a traumatic jaunt through mommy’s pieces/parts). Baby Alec smiles much more than Ian, the middle dude, did as a baby, but Al is pretty sensitive. He doesn’t like to be left alone in a room unless he’s doing the leaving.   If he could, he would drink bottles all day, and he would chat with me or the dogs all day – except he doesn’t always open his mouth when he’s talking, which makes funny little sounds. Try it. Read this sentence with your mouth closed. It’s cute, right?

I think when Al grows up he’ll be a nurturing kind of guy. He loves to give hugs and to pat me or his dad on the back – he seems to easily read our emotions and when he thinks we need them, he gives open-mouth kisses. Right on the mouth. It makes every sleepless night or feverish meltdown completely welcome.

Dude #2, Ian… well, you see, we’re best friends. He’s a little rough around the edges sometimes, but has decent manners. He says “excuse me” when he knocks down shelves of cereal at Meijer. He says “sorry, Charlie” to strangers that he cuts off in the toothpaste aisle. I mean, he tries to be aware of what’s around him, which I’m always preaching. Ian is also a singer. On the weekends, the only days we’re together really for more than a few hours at a time, he sings. All day. Currently, he sings the Star Wars theme song. Over and over. All day.

Ian is pretty sensitive, too, but is tender, generous and sweet. Ok, these kids aren’t perfect. I’m not pretending they aren’t both complete shits sometimes and that I don’t want to throw them out the window at least … I don’t know… twice a week? But listen: a few weeks ago at Sears, Ian was browsing some boxed jewelry, probably the ugliest I’ve ever seen. He  brought a few boxes over to ask me which I liked best. Of course, I chose the pink beaded bracelet. I went back to the rack I was looking through and when I turned around, Ian had come over to me, gotten down on one knee, and then held out the box as if he were presenting his queen with the Hope diamond. It was so silly but so touching and something I swear I will never forget. His little face was so serious.

Dude #1? The big hairy one? That’s Gautam (Ian’s twin, most people say, but of course, that’s not completely true).  Craft beer extraordinaire, I keep trying to encourage him to start a brewery. He has at least 2 willing investors, and I could throw in a few $20’s. He is meticulously detailed in most things, and usually I can’t appreciate that enough. He will research for weeks before making a big purchase, or read 20 brew books before finally mixing a batch. The patience is amazing. Obviously, if you know me at all, you know I can be impulsive, spontaneous yet change my mind on a dime. Sometimes we complement each other, and sometimes… well… we just work on our patience.

And all those great things about the kids? They came from their dad.  (Except the blonde hair thing, which was probably a fluke.) Truly. He’s all those things, a bag of chips, and an M.B.A.


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