Day 5: November 5

Well, today my mind has been on politics, mostly. I can’t help it. (Shout out to mom, who got a new knee today! I hope I recognize her when I see her.)

If one were, oh, I don’t know, so pretentious to start a blog and actually advertise to followers on Twitter and Facebook (WHICH I AM DOING), then this person might as well talk politics… since, like possum/cat/squirrel lady said, EVERYONE must want to hear what I have to say. I mean, I do have a blog.

If you don’t, look away. Look away now.

OK. Here are my thoughts about tomorrow, Election Day, in the best country with a red, white, and blue flag:

  • I will probably tear up a little at the polls. Just like I tear up a little at the National Anthem. Can’t help it.
  • I can’t understand why much of this election has been focused on moral issues like abortion, contraceptives and gay marriage. On one hand, I admit that these are the issues that I tend to decide my vote on; I figure if a candidate has a clear view on abortion, for example, and is either pro-choice or pro-life, that’s a tiny indicator of how their world view might match mine. Tax plans and jobs programs are a little abstract for me, and they tend to be built on what people want to hear and what candidates want to say to be elected. But on the other hand, I wonder if there aren’t many in our society who are, for lack of a better way to say it, kind of over these things… meaning, shouldn’t we have already decided that these are personal issues, not those that should be dictated by the government? (Cue Tina Fey’s “gray faced men” comment here; I don’t want to make penis decisions for men, and I don’t want a bunch of them worried about my parts.)
  • In every election, do people say “this is the most important election we’ve ever had – there is so much at stake”? It sounds so familiar. Yes, it’s important, I know that. I like thinking that Americans care about their society and want to uphold a democracy. Maybe I’m in denial – there is a chance an undesirable candidate will be elected, and that’s a little scary. So if I tell myself “eh, they’re all important but the future of our country isn’t at stake or anything,” I feel more comfortable. Sigh.
  • How can one party want less regulation, fewer social programs, and fewer taxes but want to make moral/religious decisions for millions of people? That marriage has one definition, that abortion should be mostly illegal, and that health care for all Americans is a bad idea? I find this so ironic.
  • Josh Mandel gives me the creeps. Is he serious?
  • Sherrod Brown’s voice is scratchy. I want to make him some tea.
  • Each candidate raised $1 BILLION dollars each. What could $1 billion dollars do for schools? for children in poverty? for cancer research? health care programs? paying off debt? Instead, I got 4,390 phone calls from campaigns asking me each day who I might vote for, and 6,720,043 pieces of crap mail. No phone call or postcard would ever decide my vote.

Tomorrow I won’t be talking politics, that’s for sure. Cause it’s English collaborative time… and it will be teacher gossip for you and me. I secretly look forward to it.


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One Response to Day 5: November 5

  1. Oh, grrrrl fo’sho’. Considered writing about politics, but it is too distressing especially since they will probably spend an agonsizingly long time disputing votes. Bluuurgh. I’m with you on the last bullet point. The number I heard this morning on the amount raised and spent was higher, but same point. What a difference that money could have made to any number of people. Meanwhile I’m hanging up on auto calls and fast forwarding through candidate commercials. I like the environment; vaginas (mine mostly); alternative energy;gay people; abortion, luuuuuve abortions!; public eduaction and the idea of people getting the help they need. Guess who I voted for, bitches!!! Like weeks ago, hello mail in ballot take me off your call list.

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