Day 7: November 7 – Moments

Today I decided to post some pictures – to remember some moments from the past.

Ian’s first gingerbread house; he was three. This is the beginning of his excitement for holiday decorating that will clearly be an obsession soon.

Gautam and I at a family wedding in 2010.

Seeing Baby Alec for the first time; sadly, I was not awake for his birth, but it was pretty cool to wake up to Gautam and my mom holding him. This was September of 2011.


That is all. Goodnight.


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2 Responses to Day 7: November 7 – Moments

  1. Coldpunky says:

    You call this writing. This reminds me of when i jaked up the font size on a hs paper to get the required 2 pg papper done. Give me something to read..

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