Day 21: Nov. 21 Off the wagon

I’ve fallen off the (blogging every day, come hell or high water) wagon. I can’t imagine that you might care, but here are the excuses:

-the whole whiplash/seeing a bone cracker THREE TIMES A WEEK to climb on me, pop things, tell me my neck is straight when it shouldn’t be, make me wear head weights, jostle me on a segway-looking thing… among other humiliations. People, I’m lucky to use the bathroom by myself three times a week. Wait… I guess that would just be at home. At school, I’m definitely going alone. Promise. Anyway, by the time I get home, feed people, feed self, bathe people, catch up on WWF and see which Nook book is on sale, I’m done. And strangely, I haven’t had anything but grumpiness to add to the blogosphere. That would be because…

-AP rough drafts were due today. Of course, this means that all the knuckleheads who haven’t been paying attention to me/class/discussion/every other thing I have spoon fed them for WEEKS now suddenly have SO many important questions to ask me during class, or via email (with no greeting, punctuation, or thanks) at all hours of the day. Which I generally welcome. But not from the sweethearts who are constantly snap chatting in my class while I’m teaching semicolons; no wonder they, put commas before verbs.  Yes, this is why half the 11th grade class should not be taking APAll of this also means I have nothing but grumpiness to blog.

-Today Alec got tubes in his ears. He did well and acts as if nothing happened now, but today included several hours of groggy crying while throwing head (with ears and new tubes) back into various walls, crib, toys, etc.  Currently, he is working on destroying a library book. Where’s Waldo? F-ed up on my kitchen floor, apparently.

-Did I mention I have an ear infection? And probably pink eye? Thanks, CVS Minute Clinic. I guess if I want a $60 medical check at any hour of the day, I should expect to wait over an hour for some pills and some eye drops? I understand. There were at least seven people working today in your tiny little pharmacy. Must be tough to keep up, throw my crap in a bag and charge me for it.

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m sure I’ll have something to be “thankful” for. Until then.


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