Day 23: Nov. 23 The holiday hangover

There’s the family… really, this was the best shot out of at least 45,634 poses.

Feeling more optimistic after last post (sorry). I was able to do several things to cheer self up since I last talked to you, including:

  • several Thanksgiving dinners, 1st generation through 4th? 5th? (leftovers). By the way, Happy Thanksgiving.
  • many hours of online shopping, after which I have purchased absolutely nothing, but now know what I career I might go for next… something to do with makeup or purses. Maybe BOTH? I could put makeup on purses or in purses, or put purses in makeup. Don’t care. Either would be fine.
  • Took a nap.
  • Watched some pathetic quarterbacks.
  • Cleaned underneath bed.
  • More humiliating back cracking. Ian went with me this morning, and as I was standing on the vibrating stand thing with a hat full of weights, he looked at me, pointed and shouted, “Hey! Everyone! Look at my mom! Mom, what’s on your head?”
  • Checked a website to figure out today’s date. And that is why I love days off!

I am working on something interesting to blog about. You’re all suffering, I know.  Maybe blogs aren’t meant for the everyday…


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Nicole. Person. Mom. Teacher. Whatever.
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