Day 27: Nov. 27 My Mayan Apocalypse Bucket List

Well, it didn’t happen in May. It didn’t happen over the summer. But I’m sure the Mayans will get the right date for the end of the world at some point…

I have created this list of things I need to do before the sun burns out, aliens come, I stroke out, or, as noted above, the Mayans are correct and the world ends in the near future.  

Mayan Apocalypse Bucket List

1. Drive cross country and eat at lots of diners

2. Read all the books from the library that I check out. (Here’s what happens: I get too excited. I grab stacks and stacks, forgetting that I have job, family, laundry, etc. and end up reading .3 of one of them before I end up owing $3.00 in fines.)

2 1/2. Spend a ridiculous amount of time sitting in a library (preferably Main, but without the scary hobos).

3. Ask some old friends why we lost touch. Was it me?

4. Run/work out consistently without getting sick, hurt, or bored. Then complete some ridiculously difficult physical task. Just because I can.

5. Live in a desert oasis. Curious what that might be like.

6. Live in some cities… maybe a year each? (Haven’t thought that out yet.) New York, Paris, Delhi, Maui.

7. Find a buried treasure in a barn. Cash it in on Antiques Roadshow. Use money to buy vacation home in Punta Cana or Puerta Vallarta. I should probably learn Spanish, too.

8. Tour the White House. Slumber party in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Hm. Interesting. I guess I’m out of ideas.  I think that means I’m pretty content as is.


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