Day 28: Nov. 28 Stuff no one cares about

Stuff I did today:

  • Practiced being mean. I changed my essay revision rules for my AP students. They take advantage of my good nature. However, no one cried. I did hear about a rogue Facebook poster who complained about my assignments. That validates me; if someone is complaining about the work, that could possibly mean I’m doing my job.
  • Lectured my favorite class (newspaper) about the problem they have created in our December issue… if you didn’t go to our school and only read our newspaper, you would think every kid that walks the halls is a thin, white, cute, long-haired, scarf wearing girl with perfect white teeth. Not the case.
  • Talked to a lovely British man about doing a Hamlet presentation for my students. He played in Hamlet in England! Sure beats watching the Mel Gibson version just to laugh at his crazy eyes.
  • Advised co-worker to wear boots to work tomorrow so she could kick some ass. Seemed like good advice at the time. Looking forward to seeing her in the morning.
  • Went to the back cracker.  The chiropractor once again laid me on a table, dropped the table out from under me, then folded me up, laid on me, and then ran a loud clacking machine down my spine. And the other ridiculousness. (Secret: I am starting to enjoy this.)
  • Came home to the dudes. Awaiting OSU-Duke. Cuddling with Ian and the pups. This is by far my favorite time of the day.

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One Response to Day 28: Nov. 28 Stuff no one cares about

  1. Hahahahaha!!! I have had the diversity conversation with yearbook soooooo many times over the years.There are other students here besides white girls, lets represent!

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