Stop talking about the weather. Please. I know it’s cold. Thanks. – January 23 –

I haven’t blogged in 20 days. Not much to tell you; I’ve decided to write mostly about my professional life since my personal life is pretty… repetitive. Though if something interesting comes up, in about 30 years, I’ll add that. And I feel funny talking about politics, though there have certainly been many thought provoking events in the past weeks to keep a blogger busy forever. I just wonder if anyone cares to read about others’ political views, as much of the connected world seems to post their rants whenever a thought pops up. No one hates the political poster (that does not share my views) more than me! There. I admit it.

So I’ll just offer some nuggets. Or turds. Depends on your interpretation.

  • I am happy to have re-connected with a few dear friends at school; one across the hall and one who shares a bulletin board & computer lab with me. I have worked with these kick ass educators since I started teaching, but never really “worked” with them on a daily basis as I am now. Both are great givers of advice and both make my days brighter. 
  • I am nearly done visiting the back cracker three times a week! How exhausting. Though now I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have made such a joke out of going; it’s really the only time during the week that I have a legitimate need to be alone – without children, without the guilt of housework calling me. I actually have to sit, chat with all kinds of random people, stretch and relax. Now that I think about it, that’s pretty amazing. Though the old guy really got me the other day! Folded me up, jumped on me, whipped my head around, and then pushed me onto the vibrating machine. I wish I could record it for you. It has to be so ridiculously funny.
  • I finished my first bed-sized quilt. Yes, that’s right. I said it. My name is Nicole, and I made a quilt. It’s in various Star Wars stuff and is all flannel on one side. I made it for Ian.  If you don’t look too closely at the seams, it isn’t too terrible.
  • This here teacher will be the guest speaker at this year’s National Honor Society induction ceremony (I know what you’re thinking, and I can’t believe it either. It could be a major disaster. I am already sweaty just typing about it.) What should I talk about? I’d love some advice.

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2 Responses to Stop talking about the weather. Please. I know it’s cold. Thanks. – January 23 –

  1. snyderman123 says:

    January 23rd is my birthday.

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