Oh, it’s summer now. -June ?? I think?

I know, I know… I am hideous. Don’t look at me. Please.

I have been terribly negligent to my blog, as my favorite bloggess helped me realize. It’s time to be back. If I can’t write a few posts in the summer, then I’m worthless.

Alright. Since March, when I last “blogged” (that’s a freaking ugly word, ‘blog,’ ‘blogged,’ ‘blogger,’ etc. Reminds me of ‘log,’ which everyone knows means poop. So this blog is basically shit.) …oh my, a lot has happened! I like lists, especially when I thought I had a good idea to write about but it kinda dried up just a second ago:

-I finished my 8th year of teaching, according to the State Teacher’s Retirement System, which said that my two maternity leaves were essentially horrible career moves and called me an ‘8.2’ rather than a hot-but-not-perfect ‘9’. I don’t mind though. I’m sure my two boys will support me when I grow old and STRS ceases to exist and/or the new rules for anyone with less than 29 years of service teaching other peoples’ children is that one must work until age 83.5. Because it will be easy to relate to teens at that age, probably.
-I wrote this paper and got a cool plaque and new title: Master Teacher. Is that racist in some way? Paula Deen’s antics have me on edge.
-I actually attended several former students’ graduation parties, which was so much fun. I really haven’t done that before; as a new teacher, I didn’t make many connections to kids, at least not the kind that warrant an invitation to one of those things. And it might really be just this year that I figured out what I was doing a little bit; what I’m doing should be more about connections than The Content. For a bit, that’s all I could manage: making sure that on paper I did what I was supposed to do according to the law and the school board. What a bore I must have been! Robotic, nervous, racing around like an idiot. NO MORE! Now I go to parties in young adults’ homes and return home with individually wrapped cookie favors. It’s been a good career move overall.
-I retreated home for the summer and hung my school bag on a hook by the back door. It stayed there until yesterday, unopened, with my lunchbox inside… full of my remaining lunch from May 31st. Now it is sometime in June, apparently, though I refuse to commit to brainspace what day or date it is. Every so often I realize it’s a weekend, when Gautam doesn’t go to work. I didn’t even clean up my desk at school when I left in May. These are all new lows for me, which I am starting to think are really highs in disguise. Won’t I be so much more excited to clean my desk in August?! I will then be a better judge of what I need to keep. Anytime between April 1 and June 1, I imagine absolutely NO handout given to my by administration or guidance has any relevance and I immediately trash it. That may not be good since
-I am now English department facilitator. Yikes.

Do regular people wonder what the hell teachers do all summer beside sit on their butts or work at a golf course or make snow cones in a van with curtains? I have some stories in the works for you to look forward to:
-our family vacation to Myrtle Beach titled “Why No One We Know Goes To Myrtle Beach” or, “The Girl Who Pulled Weeds”
-the time my husband left me with the kids for 5 days straight
-some ideas about how to resuscitate your career if you are a celebrity and have recently done something stupid (i.e. admitted to saying bad words, named your child a direction, or killed someone, or someones)

It’s nice to see you again.


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