Day 23: Nov. 23 The holiday hangover

There’s the family… really, this was the best shot out of at least 45,634 poses.

Feeling more optimistic after last post (sorry). I was able to do several things to cheer self up since I last talked to you, including: Continue reading

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Day 21: Nov. 21 Off the wagon

I’ve fallen off the (blogging every day, come hell or high water) wagon. I can’t imagine that you might care, but here are the excuses:

-the whole whiplash/seeing a bone cracker THREE TIMES A WEEK to climb on me, pop things, tell me my neck is straight when it shouldn’t be, make me wear head weights, jostle me on a segway-looking thing… among other humiliations. Continue reading

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Day 19: Nov. 19 Jelena

I toyed with some different topics for today’s post.

Should I describe the condition of my spine?

Discuss my views on the unstable relationship between Bieber and Selena Gomez? Continue reading

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Day 18: Nov. 18 Blahs

Sigh. Once again, a pile of papers awaits me on this Sunday night. Off to work for a few hours.

Otherwise, you’d have to read about the Browns, whiplash, dog pee or something equally depressing.

So you’re welcome.

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Day 17: Nov. 17 Happy birthday to my mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. That’s her: isn’t she adorable?

I genuinely mean that.

This picture was taken somewhat before she had her recent knee replacement 2 weeks ago. She’s doing well, and I’m proud of her for doing it. I hope she’ll be pain free soon and back to her speed-walking self. Continue reading

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Day 16: Nov. 16 My baby

Rather than writing, I decided to lay in bed and cuddle with my 4 year old and watch him play Jetpack Joyride. Soon enough he won’t want to cuddle. I had to do it.

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Day 15: Nov. 15 Highs and Lows

Piles upon piles of shit.

See this pile of shit?

I need to fill out a police report. That’s important. And documents for Alec’s trip the ENT tomorrow, because apparently his baby ears can’t keep infection out. Oh, and that little device thingy in the corner? THAT WOULD BE FOR MY NEW CASE OF WHIPLASH. I have in the past made fun of people with whiplash. (It was a little funny… “Oh, your head flew around whilst attached to your  neck?!” Hilarious, right?) It is confirmed, yet again, that I will be going straight to Hell when I die.

Hopefully, that will not be before this little device with gooey little electrodes squeezes the muscles in my neck/back for 3o minutes.

So today, for my 15th post, I will reflect on the highs and lows of my recent life. As a teacher, you always have to start with the positives so as not to destroy a young, impressionable child’s ego. So, the highs:


  • Christmas shopping season is here, which means more sales and coupons. I can’t resist any of it.
  • I am still employed.
  • My children kissed me goodnight.
  • My husband still speaks to me.
  • I found a new kind of salad at Meijer that I could eat every day of my life. It’s $3.99 a bag. It has cilantro dressing and taco chips in the bag.
  • My students seem to like and respect me, mostly.
  • Some of them laugh at my jokes.
  • My family is safe and sound tonight.
  • I have these little electrodes going strong. I like.


  • There has been a flurry of unprofessional behavior among staff at school. It makes me angry. It insults me. (But a HIGH: I shall prevail. Look out. Bagchi 2016.)
  •  My back Really Hurts.
  • Hm. I guess I can’t think of anything else.

Life is good.






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Day 14: Nov. 14 That sinking feeling

I know what you’re thinking.

You think I’m going to write about being rear ended today. My first car accident. Well, the kind with 2 cars involved… I hit a pole at a gas station once.  I’m not counting that because the pole didn’t lie to me and give me a fake phone number.  Continue reading

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Day 13: Nov. 13 Two things

1. Why do I keep getting Medicare insurance company mailers? I’m not 65. Actually, I’m not even half of 65. I worry that my eye cream isn’t doing its job.

2. Interim grades are due soon, so I’m busy. You understand, right?

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Day 12: Nov. 12 Frazzled… but satisfied.

It was quite a day for me. QUITE a DAY!

It began early. 4:30 a.m. early. As the Hilliard Against Distracted Driving “representative” in my building, I arrived at school extra early to meet the morning news crews who were supposed to film some of my students (the ones who volunteered to come to school at 6: 00 a.m. to do this!) in a texting and driving simulator… basically, they sit in a car with video game goggles on and try to text while “driving” in the car.  The set up was part of a day of awareness for 11th and 12th graders, who attended a program in the morning and then were SUPPOSED to practice in the simulator during lunch periods. Of course, that didn’t really happen because it was raining sideways by 4th period, so the simulator had to be disassembled. Anticlimactic. Since the hour long presentation advertised the simulator. Then it wasn’t there. Sigh. Continue reading

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